Werner Streamlines Bid Management with Neurored

Apart from the advanced functionality that Neurored provides, we really enjoyed working with the Neurored Team. They have been very accessible every step of the way, regardless of timezone. They are also very well coordinated across departments which leads to smooth implementation.

Stanley Montoya

Product Owner , Werner Enterprises

“Neurored’s Spreadsheet 3D for Transport & Logistics Bid Management has eliminated the time we used to spend on Bid consolidation for inquiries to be priced and creating Pre-Bid Summaries. We have streamlined pricing numerous lanes by multiple teams in their standard interface by having the data all in one place. We have gained insights into Bid characteristics on how our pricing affects the success of a Bid. This is leading us to make data-driven decisions on which Bids meet our standards.”

Rachel Schulz

Associate Director of Logistics Pricing, Werner Enterprises

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FTL Road Transport Tracking

Track FTL truckloads with any ELD already pre-integrated logging devices

Container Events Tracking

Get a real-time overview of events across the world from 80+ leading container lines.

Air-Cargo Tracking

Get Air Cargo Events directly from hundreds of airlines across the globe.

Advanced Vessel Tracking

Track the real-time status of any vessel in the world.

Ocean Shipping Instructions

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Booking and Schedules

Select the right vessel and generate & share ocean booking requests

Basic Package

Set up an automated upload of excel spreadsheets into the system

Automatic Quote Generation

Pre-load all the data from the system into your custom quote template.

Rates and Schedules

Integrate with leading carriers to get detailed schedules and rates information.

Apply Markups and Discounts

Assign markups and discounts based on customer attributes, demand and capacity.

Mass Manage Freight Rates

Set up an automated upload of excel spreadsheets into the system

Geo Locations

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