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Businesses often rely on a plethora of software tools to improve operational performance in today’s competitive global markets. Research suggests that the average organization uses over 20 tools to manage operations. 

But often with great features comes great complexity!

Using multiple solutions causes users to deal with varying user experiences, context switching, and double data-entry efforts which put unnecessary stress on users and leads to poor user adoption. This means that organizations don’t get to enjoy the full benefits of having the best tools at hand. 

To solve this problem, Neurored integrates all the latest technologies into the world’s number one cloud platform – Salesforce. Neurored’s Supply Chain Control Tower is designed to give you an accurate overview of operations while also allowing you to hone-in and control every last detail of your supply chain. Our solution helps businesses unify operations, eliminate manual processes, and focus on serving more customers globally.

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At Neurored, we aim to ensure that your business has complete integration with all internal and third-party systems. We support the following:

File Transfer Protocols

Including FTP, FTP(s), E-Mail, and Web.

Machine-to-Machine Messaging Protocols

Including Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), API (Webservices), SOAP, and REST.

File Formats

Including EDI, CSV, Delimited files, XML, and JSON.

We ensure that our software can work with all the leading tools and applications.


 ‘Digital Transformations’ sometimes get a bad rap because the average consultant often uses it as a proxy for reinventing the wheel or cramming in as many of their services in as possible. At Neurored, instead of replacing your systems, we look for ways to reinforce your business by bringing together the best systems to deliver on our promise of a meaningful and robust digital transformation.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

E-commerce Platforms

Trucking Load Boards

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Inventory Management Software (IMS)

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


Reduction in Planning Efforts


Increase in Customers Service Productivity


of Delivery Issues Eliminated

Benefits of control tower

Enhanced control and efficiency

Real-time Visibility and Reports

Monitoring and Mitigation of Risks

Descriptive & Prescriptive Insights

Greater Operational Agility

Quick Implementation

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Higher User Satisfaction

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Our Customers


Why customers love Neurored

"Neurored is a complete and adaptable End-to-End Logistics Solution that helped us integrate our logistics and invoicing functions with CRM in order to simplify the IT architecture, streamline business processes, and increase efficiency. We’ve seen great improvement in functional baseline and in productivity with an incredible 95% user satisfaction!"

Sebastian Lambert

Processing Manager, LafargeHolcim Trading

“Neurored has helped us integrate and automate our processes from prospecting, and sales to operations and administration - all in one! Neurored has made our internal processes easier we now have complete visibility of operations (shipment tracking) in real time. Our customers have seen a competitive advantage through the Communities on Salesforce.”

Jaime Hinojosa

Commercial Director, Pak2Go

"I would say that Neurored is the best team to have by side when you want to move to modern era. Their knowledge of Salesforce Platform is very deep and their approach towards customers and execution of tasks is at the highest level. You always feel that Neurored team is nearby ready to help when you need it."

Tada Abramavicius,

CEO, Baltic Consol Line

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