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Rates Management, Bookings, & Scheduling

Supply Chain Visibility and IoT

Freight Rates Search

Robust SCM and TMS Solutions for your Business

Rates Management, Bookings, & Scheduling

Supply Chain Visibility and IoT

Freight Rates Search

Robust SCM and TMS Solutions for your Business


Just like our software, our pricing and support are configured to fit the needs of global trade, transport, and logistics industry perfectly.

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Note: “Neurored CPQ” has been renamed to “Neurored Rates Management System”

Leverage Multi-Cloud Architecture for 360º Visibility

Neurored combines the best platform services in a modular way to provide complete Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility

SCM & TMS Licensing

*Implementation Costs Applicable

Packages Functionality

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Accounts Management

Contact Management

Sales Collaboration

Mass-Manage Freight Rates

Get Rates from Complementary Sources

Multi-Leg Transport Rates

Quote Truckloads (FTL/LTL)

Air Cargo Bookings and e-AWB

Air Cargo Rates and Schedules Search

Truckloads Bookings and eCMR

Ocean Containers Booking and Schedules

Advanced Vessel Tracking

Track All Your Container Events

Track All Your Air-Cargo Shipments

FTL Road Transport Tracking

LTL Road Shipments Tracking

Parcel Tracking

Advanced Shipment Filters


Neurored Accelerators are optional add-ons to the packages, resolving business tasks by using portions of pre-defined logic and data behavior. Accelerators are fully configurable and even reprogrammable to fit particular business rules.


This is the accelerator allowing the highest customization of TMS for Freight Forwarders, 3PLs, Truckload Carriers, and Shippers. Functionality scope includes Sales, Transport Quotations, Multimodal Digital Bookings, Shipments Planning and Scheduling, Route and Cargo Optimization, Digital Transport Documents, Mobile App for Delivery Management, Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility, Billing and Payables.


This is the accelerator allowing the highest customization of Bulk and Commodities Trading solutions. Functionality scope includes Sales, Purchases, Trading, Shipments Planning and Scheduling, Vessels & Ship Owners Tendering, Vessels Chartering, Shipments Operations and Optimization, Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility, Billing and Payables.


This is the accelerator allowing the highest customization of SCM solutions for Manufacturers and Retailers. Functionality scope includes Demand Forecasting, Master Sourcing Scheduling & Monitoring, Master Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning.


This is the accelerator allowing the highest customization of WMS for 3PLs and Terminals. Functionality scope includes Yard /Warehouse Dynamic Layouts and Warehousing Operations for Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Cross-Docking, Tagging & Scanning, Services Management, Warehouse Receipts Endorsements, and Automatic Billing.


This is the accelerator allowing the highest customization of Port Terminals. Functionality scope includes Stevedoring Operations, Gate-In-Out, EDI Messages Exchanges, Equipment, and Resources Scheduling, IoT integration.





*Implementation Cost Applicable

Flexible Pricing

CORE can be priced by numbers of users or number of shipments

Agile Implementation

No need to commit millions of dollars before seeing results

Designed for Growth

Cloud-solution scales easily to meet your growing needs

Fully Configurable

Don’t abandon your time-tested processes, reinforce them

Neurored’s commercial approach

1. Pre Sales Call

Our team will work to understand your vision and requirements. Fill the form to help us know you better

2. Discovery Demo

We showcase some tools that will help you achieve your goals

3. Quick Start

Get access to our solution while we outline and document your requirements

4. Implementation

Streamlined operations, productivity boost, and improved margins

Neurored Support

Unlimited Updates. Zero Downtime.

Just as the world of global trade & logistics never sleeps, your business software needs to be operational round-the-clock. That’s why Neurored is built upon the most stable, secure, and updated cloud platform in the world, ensuring an updated solution and smooth business operations.

Unmatched Service

In case of operational hiccups, you’re in the right hands. Our global presence enables us to offer businesses 24/7 support. Support levels are generally agreed upon in the service level agreement and executed either through web-conferencing, phone, or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other costs are there apart from the licensing cost?

We have an implementation fee that can vary based on the scope of the implementation.

How long does a typical custom implementation take?

Depends on the scope. Varies from one month to ten months.

How do we figure out the scope of the implementation?

We scope your requirements during the Quick-Start phase. If you prefer, you could have the same done by a third-party.

What is the Quick-Start Pilot?

We offer a heavily discounted ‘Quick Start’ Pilot run where we do a detailed month-long scoping of your requirements, and also give you a hands on experience of our Software.

Do you offer on-site trainings?

Yes, happily.

Have you changed the licensing price upon contract renewal?

We have always kept the licensing price same for our customers.

Do you increase the licensing price upon contract renewal?

No, we have always kept the licensing price same for our customers.

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Why customers love Neurored

"Neurored is a complete and adaptable End-to-End Logistics Solution that helped us integrate our logistics and invoicing functions with CRM in order to simplify the IT architecture, streamline business processes, and increase efficiency. We’ve seen great improvement in functional baseline and in productivity with an incredible 95% user satisfaction!"

Sebastian Lambert

Processing Manager, LafargeHolcim Trading

“Neurored provided DG with strategic visibility throughout the Covid-19 situation, enabling us to establish new customer relationships in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). DG has delivered more than 30 million pieces of PPE for front line responders, thanks to the resilience Neurored helps us bring to the supply chains of our customers, and their customers."

Jessica Bellingham

Head of Marketing, DG International

“Neurored has truly been a Partner for us who have supported us in our growth and development. They took the time to understand our vision before designing a digital transformation solution.”

Lisset Muñiz

Project Manager, Europartners

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