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Multi-Cloud TMS & SCM Architecture

With great softwares comes great complexity – resulting in poor user adoption and poor ROI on software spend. Neurored solves this by pre-integrating all the latest technologies into the world’s number one cloud platform – Salesforce. This seamless integration helps businesses unify operations, eliminate manual processes, and focus on serving more customers globally.

Freight Rates Customer Portal
Freight Rates Customer Portal

Trusted By Enterprises

Native to #1 Enterprise Cloud Platform

Get security and stability of Salesforce Business Platform and AWS Cloud

Fully Customizable Workflows

The software adapts to your unique process and growing business requirements

Robust Systems Integration

Integrate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems to have a unified control tower

Strategic Digital Differentiation

Stand out from the competition with a branded, sophisticated, & intuitive solution

Neurored TMS & SCM Core Solutions

Unify end-to-end business operations with modular software packages native to Salesforce.

Neurored’s Latest Features

Discover the Pricing Control Tower πŸš€

Elevate your quoting process with our newest feature, the Pricing Control Tower! Effortlessly retrieve and review rates to generate precise quotes with just a few clicks. Want to dive deeper? Read our latest article for a complete walkthrough.



AirNav Systems

EcoTransIT World





Our Partnerships Make the World Go Round!

We pre-integrate the leading logistics technologies to guarantee our clients the most optimal, robust, and cutting-edge features. Combining these technologies delivers unparalleled value and innovation, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Other Partnerships

Logistics Tech Partnerships

Main Transportation Software Integration Partners
Main Transportation Software Air Integration Partners
Main Transportation Software Trade Integration Partners

Carrier Integrations

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