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Rates Management, Bookings, & Scheduling

Multimodal Transport Tracking

Yard and Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Document Management & Text Recognition

Freight Rates Search

Supply Chain Analytics & Planning

Rates Management, Bookings, & Scheduling

Multimodal Transport Tracking

Yard and Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Document Management & Text Recognition

Freight Rates Search

Supply Chain Analytics & Planning



Interra Global Save Hundreds Of Hours Every Week With Neurored

“The sophistication of the tool such as real-time events tracking interface really showcases our technological maturity and helps us position ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers.”

Ken Thompson

Director of Growth, Interra Global

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Neurored TMS & SCM - Transportation and Supply Chain Management

This is our comprehensive suite for Freight Forwarders, Traders, and Global Shippers that ties together sourcing, transportation, logistics, and sales operations.

Neurored Track & Trace – Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility

Our latest app allows users to track-and-trace vessels and containers, truckload (FTL/LTL), air cargo, and parcel.

Leverage Multi-Cloud Architecture for 360º Visibility

Neurored combines the best platform services in a modular way to provide complete Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility


Neurored’s unique technology and methodology enables you to migrate your current in-house supply chain systems securely to the Salesforce Cloud Platform with relevant information such as product catalogs, orders, locations, and supply chain stakeholders, so they can be accessed remotely by your employees and your customers – all in a record time of 30 days!

Furthermore, all your current supply chain information will be combined on Neurored’s Supply Chain Control Tower with pre-built integrations across 80+ container lines, 8.5+ million trucks, and rail companies in order to empower collaboration with your transport partners and have an end-to-end visibility of all your shipments. READ MORE HERE…

Customizable for all products

Every global supply chain has its unique requirements and processes, and Neurored can be fully configured to bolster all of them. Customize our software to match the terms and the layouts that your team is familiar with, and enjoy our industry-leading features, support, and solutions. Our global team of supply chain specialists has robust knowledge and experience encompassing the following key sectors:








Use our modular solutions to get an edge over the competition and customize it to fit your unique needs perfectly.

Rate Management Engine

Empower your customers with self-service quoting and reduce your quoting staff by 50%

Real-time Multimodal Transportation Visibility

Empower customers with self-service track and trace and reduce customer service staff by 50%

Yard and Warehouse Management System

Empower inventory visibility & transparency & boost productivity in warehouse operations

Document Management, Accounting & Billing

Streamline documentation, billing & accounts payable processes and get robust accounting integrations

Transport & Logistics Optimization

Improve efficiency by 15% using Advanced Routing, 3D cargo-loading, and Resource & Capacity Optimization tools.

SCM Planning and Execution Control Tower

Integrate all your business systems and third-party tools to unify operations and jumpstart productivity.

Supplier Relationship Management

Manage suppliers relationships, hold reverse auctions, and tie in the supplier metrics with customer satisfaction!

Digital Freight & Trade Network

Enable Global Trade by connecting all the stakeholders through a trusted member network digitally at your fingertips.

Teleworking and Work Performance

Set up custom targets for your workforce, monitor real-time work performance, and take corrective action to increase productivity.

Cloud Satisfaction

Neurored gives you robust security, on-demand scalability, and easy mobile access by being 100% Native to the world’s #1 Cloud platform – Salesforce.

Complete Transportation

We help you track shipments, shipping conditions, and all related documents across the globe, in real-time, and across all modes of transport.

Process Automation

From automated, error-free invoicing to friendly service chatbots – we help you focus on tasks that matter by delegating repetitive tasks to the system.

Seamless Integration

We’re experienced at integrations with leading ERPs, marketplaces, platforms, apps, vendors, and service providers of the digital economy.


Why customers love Neurored

“Neurored has truly been a Partner for us who have supported us in our growth and development. They took the time to understand our vision before designing a digital transformation solution.”
Lisset Muñiz,

Project Manager, Europartners

 “The best system for working and communicating with customers. Before we worked with a complicated ERP, but with Neurored everything is better and much easier. Everything is under control and our collaboration with customers is excellent, as we have a real-time overview of processes and operations. Undoubtedly, I can fully recommend their system.”

QC Manager


“With Neurored our order process of more than 400 references with 30 different suppliers is reduced to only a couple of hours a week. No mistakes and no forgotten details. We have real-time margin management and automatic alarms when costs increase to keep our profits in line with forecasts.”

Coby Bolger,

CEO, Horse1

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FTL Road Transport Tracking

Track FTL truckloads with any ELD already pre-integrated logging devices

Container Events Tracking

Get a real-time overview of events across the world from 80+ leading container lines.

Air-Cargo Tracking

Get Air Cargo Events directly from hundreds of airlines across the globe.

Advanced Vessel Tracking

Track the real-time status of any vessel in the world.

Ocean Shipping Instructions

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Booking and Schedules

Select the right vessel and generate & share ocean booking requests

Basic Package

Set up an automated upload of excel spreadsheets into the system

Automatic Quote Generation

Pre-load all the data from the system into your custom quote template.

Rates and Schedules

Integrate with leading carriers to get detailed schedules and rates information.

Apply Markups and Discounts

Assign markups and discounts based on customer attributes, demand and capacity.

Mass Manage Freight Rates

Set up an automated upload of excel spreadsheets into the system

Geo Locations

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