CRM + SRM For Global Trade

The leading cloud-based SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) solution with integrated Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Perfect for global enterprises seeking streamlined stakeholder management, integrated workflows, and enhanced analytics.

Freight Rates Collaboration
Freight Rates Collaboration

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Customer Relationship Management Features

CRM Software Features for Global Trade

Email Integration and Order Creation Solution

Centralized Documentation Management System

Supplier Relationship Management Features

Vendor Onboarding and Management Software

Supplier Performance Management App

Electronic Tendering & Bid Management Platform

Collaboration with Salesforce Chatter & Vendor Portals

Automation Software for Supplier Management

Integrate SRM with Enterprise Systems

SRM Dashboards and Analytics

One Stop Solution for Transportation & Logistics

Neurored’s unique technology and methodology enable you to integrate your company’s in-house systems securely to the Salesforce Cloud Platform. Take advantage of all the technology of the Salesforce Platform to manage your customer relationships, supplier relationships, and ordering process.

Note** No matter what your current systems are, Neurored licenses already embed the Salesforce Platform and the integration middleware required.

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CRM & SRM Solution Benefits


Improved Response Times


Increased Win Ratio


Manual Error Elimination


Improved Response Times


Manual Error Elimination


Increased win ratio


Improved Response Times


Manual Error Elimination


Increased Win Ratio

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Customer Success Stories

Sentury Tire USA Success Story

“Thanks to Neurored’s Salesforce expertise, we have launched our vision of an interactive customer portal. Our customers now have detailed, real-time visibility of their shipments and are notified of relevant events as soon as they occur, even if the shipment has multiple drops.”

Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President

Carvana Choses Neurored Control Tower Post
Werner Enterprises Success Story

“Neurored’s solution for Bid Management has eliminated the time we used to spend on Bid consolidation for inquiries to be priced and creating Pre-Bid Summaries. We have streamlined pricing numerous lanes by multiple teams by having the data all in one place.”

Rachel Schulz, Associate Director of Logistics Pricing

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CRM and SRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) are both integral parts of business operations but focus on different aspects of relationships.

CRM focuses on managing the company’s interactions with its customers. It’s about understanding customer needs, improving customer service, tracking interactions, and managing the sales pipeline. CRM systems help businesses in marketing, sales, and customer service.

SRM, on the other hand, is concerned with managing the relationships with the business’s suppliers. It involves streamlining processes related to procurement, evaluating supplier performance, managing contracts, and optimizing the supply chain. SRM aims to foster positive relationships with suppliers and ensure mutual benefit.

What is an SRM in Salesforce?

An SRM on Salesforce is a Supplier Relationship Management solution built using the Salesforce platform. With Salesforce-native SRMs like Neurored, one can track supplier information, manage procurement activities, evaluate supplier performance, and integrate with enterprise systems to enhance efficiency, visibility, and collaboration in the supply chain.

What key features should CRM Software include?

A robust CRM system should include the following:

  • Comprehensive Contact and Account Management.
  • Efficient Activity and Task Scheduling.
  • Seamless Email Integration and Order Management.
  • Centralized Documentation Systems.
Why is Neurored's CRM & SRM Solution unique?

Neurored’s CRM & SRM solution has all the key functionality listed above while being native to Salesforce — the world’s #1 Business Apps Platform — makes Neurored fast, secure, configurable, integrable, stable, and enterprise-ready.

Is Salesforce required to use Neurored's CRM & SRM solutions?

No, Salesforce is not a prerequisite. Neurored’s solutions are built on Salesforce for optimal performance but can integrate seamlessly with various ERP, WMS, and other enterprise systems.

Can Neurored's CRM & SRM Software integrate with existing systems?

Yes, Neurored’s solutions are designed for high compatibility and can be integrated with existing ERP, WMS, and other critical business systems, ensuring smooth operations and data centralization.

Can I use my own vendors when using Neurored’s Supplier Relationship Management Software?

Yes. Neurored is vendor-agnostic as it is purely an SRM Software. Neurored helps you collaborate with your existing strategic vendors by connecting with them at your convenience.

Does my business need SRM Software?

With today’s competitive global markets, businesses need the right software to compete with those with access to the right suppliers, materials, and prices. Supplier Relationship Management Software is a must-have tool in today’s modern, fast-paced, and competitive marketplace.

How does Neurored ensure data security and compliance in its CRM & SRM Software?

Neurored, built on the Salesforce platform, adheres to the highest data security and regulatory compliance standards, ensuring that customer and supplier data is protected and operations remain within legal frameworks.

Is Neurored a Cloud-based CRM & SRM solution?

Yes, Neurored’s cloud-native solutions offer the flexibility, scalability, and accessibility of cloud computing, eliminating the need for on-premise infrastructure and maintenance.

Can Neurored’s CRM & SRM Solution be purchased separately?

Absolutely. All Neurored solutions are modular, and we will only implement the pieces that you require.

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