VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: If you’re involved in the global trade industry, you know that configuring, pricing, and quoting your shipments takes a lot of time. And in a world where time is money, that’s a problem!

Introducing Neurored’s CPQ Solutions. Our App’s guided processes will save you time and improve your margins.
With just a few clicks you can configure shipment details, schedule your shipments, and get the best prices through our freight marketplace integrations.

These prices can be compared with your own pre-negotiated rates by directly uploading Excel files into the app. You can also define custom pricing catalogs that give you dynamic pricing based on the type of customer and transaction history.

That’s all! Your personalized and branded quote is now ready to be sent out.

Want to save even more time? Enable the self-service feature and let your customers generate their own quotes through your very own branded customer community!

Neurored. Configuration, Pricing, Quotation: DONE!

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