Earlier on this year, Neurored and ABSI successfully partnered together to jointly implement a dedicated transport management solution for the world’s largest heavy equipment auctioneer, Ritchie Bros.

This blog will explore the implementation project and how partners can benefit by adding Neurored to their portfolio.

The Logistics of Heavy Equipment Auctions

The implementation was focused on one of Ritchie Bros. 37 auction sites around the world.

Each of these hosts thousands of trucks and heavy equipment that are auctioned on a series of big events spread over the year.

With buyers participating in presence and online, successful bidders may require shipping one or more of these anywhere in the globe. And, to make the auction possible, all of them were sourced and transported to one of their global sites.

So, how exactly do you manage this?

That of course, is where Neurored and ABSI come into play.

Kicking-off the project with a one week workshop, all requirements were thoroughly documented to define the “product backlog”.

These mainly entailed enabling to upload Excel spreadsheets for inbound and outbound shipment requests (think of it as a lightweight integration), which in turn helped to create orders with an associated cargo within Neurored.

Thanks to Neurored’s modular architecture and the ease of change of the Force.com environment, some general adjustments were also defined to map the application to RBA’s exact business processes and needs.

From ideation to global shipping in just 9 weeks

In a period of just 9 weeks, the RBA logistics team was able to greatly enhance its productivity and service levels.

Starting from the Excel import, each team member was automatically assigned quote requests to execute. They were then able to quickly select the best freight rates for the defined transport needs or even send mass requests to its carriers where no rates existed in their database, such as drayages at a destination.

Once the quote was configured, they were able to generate and send a personalized document to the customer. Upon confirmation, the team was able to quickly generate a shipment alongside all required documentation and share the tracking information with the final customer.

Finally, an invoice was quickly configured and sent with financial data integrated to their ERP of choice.

Benefits of collaborating with ABSI and Neurored

If your company is based in the Netherlands or Belgium you can benefit by collaborating with one of Salesforce most established partners (ABSI) to simplify complex logistics operations and increase visibility with a dedicated solution tailored to your needs and processes.

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