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Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Software

Supercharge your 3PL operations with Neurored’s comprehensive 3PL software with specialized tools for managing customers, transport orders, warehousing, and distribution, all while interfacing seamlessly with top industry platforms.

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Software Features for 3PL Companies

CRM features for Third Party Logistics

Warehouse Management Software for 3PL Logistics

Order Management Software for 3PLs

Pick, Pack, and Shipping Management for 3PLs

Docking and Dispatch Management Software

Freight Rates Collaboration

3PL Freight Tracking Software

Customer Portal for 3PL Logistics Management

Fully Integrated Third-Party Logistics Software

3PL Management Dashboards & Analytics

One Stop Solution for Transportation & Logistics

Neurored integrates with any and all of the leading systems in the world and helps you:

  • Manage relationships across multiple partners and stakeholders
  • Integrate and communicate with existing ERP, WMS, and CRM systems
  • Leverage pre-integrated, niche technologies from 30+ trusted players in the industry
  • Complement your systems using our diverse and adaptable software offerings

Neurored E-book

Transport Management Digitalisation E-book

Discover the future of transport management with our exclusive eBook. Learn how to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge through digitalization and automation.

Grab your free copy today and prepare for the future of Transport Management.

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Freight Rates Customer Portal
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Benefits of 3PL Companies


Boost in Logistics Efficiency


Decrease in Dispatch Delays


Fulfilment Errors Eliminated


Boost in Logistics Efficiency


Fulfilment Errors Eliminated


Decrease in Dispatch Delays


Boost in Lofistics Efficiency


Decrease in Dispatch Delays


Fulfilment Errors Eliminated

Customer Success Stories

Werner Enterprises Success Story

“Neurored provides advanced functionality and we enjoyed working with the team. They’re accessible regardless of time zone, and also very well coordinated across departments which leads to smooth implementation.”

Stanley Montoya

Carvana Choses Neurored Control Tower Post
Interra Global Success Story

“The sophistication of the tool such as real-time events tracking interface really showcases our technological maturity and helps us position ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers.”

Ken Thompson

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