TMS & SCM on the Salesforce Platform

One-stop-shop to efficiently manage your global supply chain and multimodal transport requirements on the same leading cloud platform where you will find solutions for all your business systems.

Rates Management, Bookings, & Scheduling

Yard and Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning

Cargo Planning & Optimization

Document Management & Text Recognition

Supply Chain Visibility and IoT

Capacity & Schedule Planning

Bunkering Procurement Optimization

Freight Rates Search

Rates Management, Bookings, & Scheduling

Yard and Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning

Cargo Planning & Optimization

Document Management & Text Recognition

Supply Chain Visibility and IoT

Capacity & Schedule Planning

Bunkering Procurement Optimization

Freight Rates Search


Neurored Apps on Salesforce AppExchange

Choose from thousands of powerful and complementary business solutions on the AppExchange Marketplace

Neurored TMS & SCM - Transportation and Supply Chain Management

This is our comprehensive suite for Freight Forwarders, Traders, and Global Shippers that ties together sourcing, transportation, logistics, and sales operations.

Neurored Track & Trace – Real-Time Multimodal Transportation Visibility

Our latest app allows users to track-and-trace vessels and containers, truckload (FTL/LTL), air cargo, and parcel.

Solutions for Transportation & Logistics Digitization

Streamline your global supply chain with our cloud-based software modules

Take Advantage of the Salesforce CRM Platform

Integrate your data to the cloud to manage ordering processes and customer & supplier relationships

Rates Management, Schedules and Bookings

Empower your customers with self-service quoting and booking and reduce your quoting and operations staff by 50%

Real-time Transportation and Inventory Visibility & IoT

Empower all your supply chain stakeholders with best-in-class transportation and inventory tracking solutions

Yard & Warehouse Management System

Empower inventory visibility & transparency & boost productivity in warehouse operations

AI Text Recognition, Document Management & Billing

Streamline documentation, billing & accounts payable processes and get robust accounting integrations

Transport & Logistics Optimization

Improve efficiency by 15% using Advanced Routing, 3D cargo-loading, and Resource & Capacity Optimization tools

SCM Planning and Execution Control Tower

Integrate all your business systems and third-party tools to unify operations and jumpstart productivity 

Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

Enable Global Trade by connecting all the stakeholders through a trusted member network digitally at your finger tips


Werner Streamlines Bid Management with Neurored

Here’s How Team Werner Feels About the Solution in their Own Words:

Apart from the advanced functionality that Neurored provides, we really enjoyed working with the Neurored Team. They have been very accessible every step of the way, regardless of timezone. They are also very well coordinated across departments which leads to smooth implementation.

Stanley Montoya

Interra Global Save Hundreds Of Hours Every Week With Neurored

Here’s How Team Interra Feels About the Solution in their Own Words:
“The sophistication of the tool such as real-time events tracking interface really showcases our technological maturity and helps us position ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers.”

Ken Thompson


Here’s How Team Europartners Feels About the Solution in their Own Words:

“With Neurored, our quotes get sent out 4x faster (from 20 mins to 5 mins per quote)”

Alejandra Tamez


Integrated Systems

Manage Warehouse & Transport operations with same system as your CRM, E-Commerce or ERP & save time, reduce user fatigue, & ensure complete information.

End-to-End Inventory Visibility

Get real-time visibility and condition of Goods on Warehouse locations and Transport. Give customers updates and 24×7 access to prevent customer anxiety.

Efficient Process

Save time and money by using advanced tools like our Rate Management System (RMS), AI Document Text Recognition, Warehouse and Transport Management and Automatic Billing.

Built on the most scalable Platform

As your business grows, your software needs will need to keep up. Since Neurored is 100% native to the leading business apps platform, it gives your business access to the following advanced capabilities:

Leverage Salesforce Development Platform

With Neurored you are able to combine out-of-the-box solutions (from Salesforce, Neurored and Appexchange) with bespoke developments within the Salesforce Platform, named by Gartner as one of the most innovative development platforms as of today.

Leverage Salesforce Integration & Automation Capabilities

Take advantage of Salesforce’s unique integration capabilities with industry standards such as Mulesoft or AWS to bring all your data into the platform to be able to use it for data analytics & business process automation with tools like alerts, triggers, workflows, automated tasks & many more.

Leverage Salesforce CRM & Customers Communities

Take advantage of Salesforce’s world-leading CRM and leverage Salesforce Communities with the Neurored solutions to increase your customer engagement with automated quotation systems and providing full tracking capabilities.


Trusted By Industry Leaders

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Why customers love Neurored

"Neurored is a complete and adaptable End-to-End Logistics Solution that helped us integrate our logistics and invoicing functions with CRM in order to simplify the IT architecture, streamline business processes, and increase efficiency. We’ve seen great improvement in functional baseline and in productivity with an incredible 95% user satisfaction!"

Sebastian Lambert

Processing Manager, LafargeHolcim Trading

“Neurored provided DG with strategic visibility throughout the Covid-19 situation, enabling us to establish new customer relationships in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). DG has delivered more than 30 million pieces of PPE for front line responders, thanks to the resilience Neurored helps us bring to the supply chains of our customers, and their customers."

Jessica Bellingham

Head of Marketing, DG International

“Neurored has truly been a Partner for us who have supported us in our growth and development. They took the time to understand our vision before designing a digital transformation solution.”

Lisset Muñiz

Project Manager, Europartners


Top 10 Logistics Solution 2018

Freight Tech 100 Innovation Award

Top 10 Supply Chain Technology 2018

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