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Software & Business as a Service (S&BaaS) for Sales & Logistic Operations

If you are a manufacturer, a distributor or a logistic operator we provide you the Software as a Service (SaaS) that you need to address your unique requirements for Sales & Logistic Operations. Furthermore we provide integration with specific Industrial Catalogs and Supply Networks that will give your company new business possibilities. That's Software & Business as a Service (S&BaaS).

Our Software & Business as a Service (S&BaaS) solutions for Sales & Logistic Operations has three main areas:

  1. B2B E-Commerce & SCM: Buy or Sell with a user-friendly interface that manages commercial agreements with all your Customers and Suppliers. Includes easy integration of industry specific information from Industrial Catalogs (TECDOC, CATLINK…) and Supply Networks.
  2. E-Procurement & SCM: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Reverse Auctions, Compare Supplier Quotes based on price and quality, Inventory Management & Shipments. Includes easy integration of industry specific Sourcing & Procurement Networks.
  3. Lean Manufacturing &SCM: Labor Program (shared with customers), Production orders, Work orders and Work parts.
  4. Import-Export & SCMAdd Import-Export costs to your Sales & Logistic Operations. Multi Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Multimodal Shipments. Includes easy integration of data from Freight Forwarder and Ocean Carrier Networks (INTTRA).

Why do you need your E-Business & SCM powered by a leading Cloud Computing Platform?

E-Business & SCM require a flexible, agile and powerful platform to automate all their business processes with their customers, agents, suppliers, and logistics operators. Process are extremely heavy and takes a lot of time of staff hours. Furthermore the lack of method to handle all this process may cause serious mistakes.

You need your E-Business & SCM powered by a leading "Cloud Computing Development Platform" because this is the only way you can achieve a real customization of all the process that your company needs to effectively work with your customers and suppliers.

Get loyalty from your customers

Give your customers an interface to work with your company.

Empower usability through productivity

Save up to 50% of staff hours with features that make you work more efficiently.

Tracking of all participants activity

Get all the participants informed as soon as the relevant information becomes available.

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