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Cloud Computing for E-Business & Supply Chain Management

Neurored's vision is to provide the next generation of Cloud Computing Apps for Global Trading (E-Business) & Global Supply Chain Management (SCM). Our goal is to manage Global Trade & Supply Chain (Sales, Distribution/Exports, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Sourcing/Imports and Shipments), in a much more efficient, collaborative and synchronized way, that takes advantage through Cloud Computing technologies of the many resources that exist on the Internet (B2B Marketplaces, Logistic Portals, Supplier Networks, Industrial Catalogs,…) to operate with the different partners of your Supply Chain (Customers, Suppliers, Logistic Operators, Carriers, Customs,…).

Extend your Salesforce CRM with our apps for E-Business and Global Supply Chain Management (SCM). Trade more efficiently, reduce your stocks and improve your logistics operations with our tools for B2B E-Commerce, E-Procurement, Inventory Management and Shipments. Select one or more of the following modules depending on the main focus of your business (Distribution, Sourcing & Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics and Freight Forwarding).

  1. B2B E-Commerce & SCM: This module empowers your trade with your customers or distributors and manages all the distribution chain and logistics operations associated (CRM, Price Lists, Promotions, Pick & Ship, Route Planning,...)
  2. E-Procurement & SCMThis module empowers your trade with your suppliers and manages all the supply chain and logistics operations associated (SRM, Suppliers Evaluation, Supply Projects, Reverse Auctions, Suppliers Catalogs, Order to Stock,..)
  3. Import-Export & SCM (Freight Forwarding)This module manages your import-export costs and global supply chain (Transport & Freight, Customs Duties, Multiple Warehouses, Multimodal Shipments). Includes integration with Freight Forwarders and Ocean Carriers Networks (INTTRA). If your company provides Freight Forwarding and Logistics services why shouldn't you go a step ahead and become also the main resource for the eBusiness processes of your customers supply chain. If you think just in the tremendous loyalty you could get from your customers if you provide them also the eSourcing & eCommerce solutions they need for their import-export global trade you will realize that this is one of the most audacious strategies your company could face.

Benefits from our E-Business & SCM apps.

Below we resume the main benefits of our E-Business & SCM apps:

  1. More efficiently B2B trade with your customers, distributors or suppliers by extending your ERP systems with our tools for B2B E-Commerce, E-Procurement, E-Sourcing, Import-Export and Shipments.
  2. Reduce your inventories and improve your logistics operations by taking advantage of Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Tracking Systems fully integrated with your ERP systems.
  3. Collaborate more efficiently with your customers, distributors, suppliers and transporters and get all the participants of your global supply chain informed as soon as the relevant information becomes available.


Get loyalty from your customers

Give your customers an interface to work with your company.

Empower usability through productivity

Save up to 50% of staff hours with features that make you work more efficiently.

Tracking of all participants activity

Get all the participants informed as soon as the relevant information becomes available.

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